Cobalt Commercial Services

CCS is committed to earning a long-term client business relationships built on our seasoned management team and outstanding solution-driven service delivery culture:

The CCS is committed to becoming citizens of our clients’ industries and working harmoniously to create a customized program to best serve each industry.

37+ years of experience has created a family-type relationship with staff and clients and is recognized for Industry-leading retention rates and unparalleled integrity. 

CCS is privately held and based in Miami, Florida. We make decisions on a timely basis and invest in our business and people with a long term view following the “Golden Rule,” treating our staff with respect and transparency.

Actively involved local ownership is creating the new benchmark of excellence for service and client satisfaction that all others will be measured against.

We are committed to continuous improvement and never rest on our laurels. We understand that complacency leads to mediocrity.

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Our Services

Disinfecting Services

  Facilities Engineering
  Repairs & Services
  Electrical & Lighting
✔  Janitorial
✔  HVAC & Mechanical
✔  Landscaping & Grounds
✔  Emergency Services

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